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We believe in a world without discrimination


Tg House Mission is to strengthen the rights and well-being of the t*community of Belarus. We strive to ensure that people are protected from violence and discrimination on the same basis as other groups of the population.


Goal Tg House – ensure stable attention to the problems of t*people, reduce stigmatization and discrimination of such people.


Tg House values:we want the direction of our work to be determined by the people who are directly affected by the issues.

Therefore, we are in constant contact with representatives of the t* community, monitor the situation with respect for the rights of these people, give vital advice and provide possible assistance in crisis situations. 

History of Tg House:

Since 2019, our volunteer community, with the support of international organizations, has provided free assistance to transgender people living in Belarus.


We purchased vital medicines and food, delivered food and hygiene kits throughout the country, paid rent, conducted individual and group psychological consultations, wrote useful materials about mental health, provided legal advice, and helped with relocation to Poland.


However, in recent years, the socio-political situation in Belarus has deteriorated significantly; many of our volunteers were forced to leave their homes due to the threat of being in captivity. With the start of the war in Ukraine, the issues and problems of the t*community practically disappeared from the news agenda. But they have not disappeared anywhere in reality, and it is still important to talk about them, and sometimes even shout.


Tg House Plans.Taking into account the current circumstances, we decided to reformat the activities of our community and turn from a single “magic wand” into a full-fledged media resource. So now our main focus will be on creating a media space for those who are in Belarus or were forced to leave. On the pages of our website we will talk about what some people think is “not the time” to talk about or is simply “inconvenient.”


We decided to take responsibility for broadcasting the situation in the life of the t*community+on ourselves, on our TG House team. So wish us luck on this difficult path. And we still remainin touch with you!


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