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Tg House Coordinator

Alisa Sarmant


Since 2009, I have been involved in social and political activities.  I was a member of a number of political and public organizations, held public positions, was a candidate for deputy in the Minsk City Council, and headed the district headquarters of the candidate in Belarus Vladimir Neklyaev. Now I can’t even count how many public initiatives I have participated in. Signature collections, social actions, pickets, rallies. I tried to be everywhere, I tried to ensure that my participation was useful and could influence the overall result. My priorities have always been the promotion of democratic values, the protection of human rights and democratic changes in my state.  I wanted life in my country to be better, I wanted to change something for the better and become part of these changes.

My priorities in life remain unchanged.  I believe and do everything possible so that the day comes as soon as possible when good will triumph over evil in our country. 



International Humanitarian and Economic Institute


University of Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland)


University of Gdansk (Gdansk, Poland)

Faculty of International Relations. In November 2010, she was expelled from the 5th year of the institute for political reasons. 

Faculty of Journalism and Political Science. Master of Science in Political Science.

Doctoral student at the Department of Pedagogy and Politics.


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